A Stones Throw Studio- Lori MacRow
    My fascination with fiber really began with my first endeavor into the art of crochet. At age twelve I was enthralled with my success in creating a bright orange hat. Several vests, skirts and other pieces of clothing soon followed.
    My love of artistic expression continued throughout a successful career in hairdressing. I enjoyed my career as a hair artist / salon owner and also became involved in teaching the art of hair color techniques.
    Sewing and crocheting have remained sources of enjoyment for me and are now more of a focus as I have retired from the beauty industry. With some success in my first felted fiber projects, I became exited about the possibility of creating one of a kind pieces for other people to enjoy.
    I hope you enjoy my unique creations as much as I have enjoyed creating them and I welcome any questions you might have about the design of any of my pieces. Please click here to view Lori's website.

Altered States - Joanna Alonzo
    All women want to dress in upbeat fashionable clothing, but today's off-the-rack fashions do not flatter all womens' figures.
     Enter.....Altered States- One of a Kind Creations; Jackets, vests, and shrugs created from a collection of eye-catching fabrics. With my background in art and design, I am able to see potential from many sources. I create a truely unique garment, by "de-constructing" and then reconstructing with a collage of fabrics.
   Each piece is comfortable, versatile and designed to flatter the body. The shrugs and jackets are designed so a bra may be worn with a strappy dress or camisole. The shrugs and jackets cover the upper arm, and give a flattering profile from the back. They can be worn with formal dresses or casually with jeans over a tube top or turtleneck. They compliment what you are wearing and they are slimming. The backs of many of my jackets are asymmetrical, creating both interest and a slimmer silhouette. I also have a line of "T-shirts" which include hand designed linoleum block prints.
    Altered States offers a wide variety of styles and garments, from simple and casual to rock star party with a great deal of attention paid to detail. Please click here to view Joanna's website.

Anja Hertle
    Anja’s greatest passion is creating three-dimensional art pieces by patiently assembling recycled dishes, tile and coloured glass as well as interesting found objects like old twisted forks, shiny beads and buttons. All materials are combined to create colourfully surprising pictures of flowers, beautiful architectural structures and scenes of children in everyday life. Anja loves working in the three-dimensional using the colours and textures of her materials to create a story. Anja was born in Germany, studied interior design at Ryerson in Toronto and for the past seventeen years, along with her husband, two kids and a golden retriever, has called the vibrant city of Calgary home. Last summer Anja and her family moved to the beautiful rolling hills of Northumberland County in Ontario to settle in a storybook historic home in Grafton, just east of Cobourg. Anja and her husband are currently converting an old garage into her studio, where the beautiful scenic surroundings of their property are going to provide endless creative opportunities.  Anja enjoys sharing her love of mosaics with adults and children through teaching in her studio, in various school systems and venues in and around Toronto and Eastern Ontario. Please click here to view Anja'swebsite.

Ann Nicholas-
    My studies in various fields of art have included obtaining a Certificate in Visual Arts from Sandford Fleming College at Haliburton.  A lifelong painter and sculptor, I learned to spin a few years ago and became captivated by fibre in its many splendid colours and textures, turning my hand to creating funky felted jewellery, purses, knitted hats and wall hangings, led by the many possibilities of this infinitely flexible medium.  I am a past member of the Fibre Arts Collective and a member and secretary currently of the Warkworth Spinners and Weavers Guild.  I have exhibited painting and sculpture at many local galleries, the Northumberland Hills Studio Tour and Art Gallery of Northumberland juried shows as well as organizing the opening and serving as curator of the Upstairs Gallery in Port Hope for three years.

Barking Dog Salvage- Angela Rideout
    Barking Dog Salvage and Design was born in the fall of 2012 when I realized I could combine my love of animals and nature with my new passion: Salvaging unwanted junk then transforming and upcycling it into something new and unique! I specialize in one-of-a-kind custom designed shutters, screens, barnboard, furniture and home décor accessories: All with the added touch of hand-painted detailing inspired by my love of pets, animals and nature.

bespoke uprising- Roisin Fagan
    My interest in functional textiles and the need to find a market for the products of my studio practice led me to this body of work.  It satisfies my desires to personally implement every stage of textile manufacture (from design, to dyeing, printing, embellishment, and garment production), to produce work that can be discussed within the framework of fine art or craft, and to have a studio which is viable as a small business.
    I am combining contemporary design elements and painstakingly crafted goods to invigorate the tradition of creating heirloom garments and objects
    I have chosen to incorporate more natural, organic and un-dyed fibres into my work in my endeavor to have an environmentally concious practice.  There fabrics, particularly the linen, also provide an interesting textural and colour contrast to the vibrantly dyed, smooth cottons. Please click here to view Roisin's website.

Rodney Bergeron
    Rod is an artist that is difficult to define. He works in multi-media to combine materials and methods in diverse ways. Never wanting to be classified as just a painter or just a sculpture, Rod is best defined as an Artist. He experiments endlessly and follows his heart when making his art. Using everything from toys to found objects, he combines assemblages that demand attention. He creates paintings using bold colors and broad brush strokes. His drawings are highly detailed and often technically daring. Rod’s experimentation and endless drive to create constantly pushes him in different and interesting directions.
    Rod has worked as a professional artist for over 20 years. He is currently completing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Installation at the Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Ontario.

 bubynoa- Mirit Cohen Essel
        " I enjoy making every item,with a lot of thought, good energy, love and intention."  Every item is a unique design – one of a kind – from top to bottom. My products are meant to enhance children’s imagination, playfulness, creativity and learning. In every part of the design, I put children first. My products are enticing to children and they begin to use it and relate to it immediately. These items are meant for long time play and use. Double stitched. Durable material. Something children can sleep with safely, using materials that breathe. And, of course, they are machine washable.
    My creations are an environmentally green product. I do my promotion on 100% recycled paper, printed in waterless ink. Materials are purchased in local, socially-responsible stores.
For the joy of playing, loving & learning. Please click here to view bubynoa's website.
Christine Benson-Woods
     “I am always looking around me, taking mental snapshots of places, things and landscapes and jotting down sentences and experiences. My work is often quite stylized and usually involves a sense of rhythm and repetition. My imagery is almost always inspired by nature- however I am also inspired by many other diverse sources including urban sprawl, the local landscape and my daily life. I work primarily in the medium of relief printmaking that often reflects the tensions of living in a technology oriented world, and the solace that can be found in nature and the rural landscape. For me each part of the printmaking process is an important step in realizing the final image. Behind each of my prints there has been an exciting transformation from rough sketch to carved image to final print. Each of my linocuts are hand-printed on a variety of handmade papers that are carefully chosen to compliment the image. The paper often plays an important role in the finished piece and oftentimes I will combine my images with collaged and hand sewn details to form a sort of paper tapestry.” Please click here to view Christine's bio

Christine Bevan- In A Mood
    When I create through sewing, scrapbooking, gardening or upcylcing a piece of furniture it is my time to be peaceful and enjoy "handmade".
   Not a TV watcher and time on your hands.......that's when my sewing machine and I become best of friends and sometimes enemies,. So IN A MOOD grew out of hmmmmmm.......what an I in a mood to sew????
   Love fabric to touch it, see it, to be surrounded by it. Inspired by my two teenage daughters (and biggest supporters) I started to create infinity scarves which my daughters sold to their friends. They decided the Facebook page was necessary and so here we are two years later. This year I have expanded to Pashmina shawls, rag stockings, rag baby quilts as well as a few other items of the season.
   Each piece is comfortable, versatile and designed with a little bit of fun. I love vintage anything so some pieces have vintage lace or buttons. I love to upcycle if possible and create scarves using old and new fabric. I make my pieces very affordable.

DarlingLittles- Heather Harton
    DarlingLittles is a one woman, very small business. I love working to design & create unique hats & exquisite floral hair pieces. Most of my items are one of a kind. In 2014 I started Fancifuls by DarlingLittles, creating unique, one of a kind hairpieces, fascinators & birdcage veils for the bride looking for something different.  I have recently added a line of raw edge, hand appliquéd baby onsies. And what baby doesn't go through a lot of onsies?

Dayzee Designs-
     Sharon was born and raised in Montreal and now calls Baltimore, Ontario home.  Looking out her studio window she is inspired by the natural colours of the land surrounding her country home. Self taught and inspired by her grandmother, Sharon stays true to her love of Sterling Silver, Semi -Precious stones and Swarovski Crystals because she does love her Bling! New designs are added to the collections every season. Once a successful retailer, she is now focused on her wholesale and website business. “I am so fortunate to love what I do and I appreciate it every single day.”
Designer-Dreamer-Dayzee Lover -please click here to go to Sharon's website.

Diane Irwin- Workshop Wizards
   Diane Irwin has been creating her work for over 25 years and is a graduate of cabinetmaking, carpentry and most recently ceramics.
   She carves woodspirit birdhouses, garden spirits and fairy houses, and is now experimenting carving in clay. Her love of re-purposing old discarded objects is evident in her dragonflies, birdhouses and garden art that use old doorknobs, scrap metal, discarded cutlery and more. Ceramics is a work in progress as she discovers ways to create faces in clay as well as develop as a potter.

Dianne Lee-
    Dianne Lee is a Canadian ceramic artist and potter currently based in Belleville, Ontario.  She graduated in 2006 from Ontario College of Art and Design with a bachelor degree in design. While studying she won the Ceramic Faculty Award as well as the Fusion Award for academic excellence. She curated her Material Art and Design program’s graduate exhibition.  She recently returned from New Zealand where she was an active member of the Wellington Potters Association, exhibiting work and producing functional pieces from commission. Dianne is currently the gallery administrator at Gallery ArtPlus in Belleville, Ontario. She continues to work with clay as well as other mediums.

Fire & Ice - Leslie Battie
    Creating stained glass pieces for several years, I especially enjoy the challenge of coming up with unique designs for whimsical stained glass garden spinners.  Incorporating glass, twisted wire, shells and other objects add a delightful interest to the spinners and an artistic touch to the garden. Using traditional blacksmithing techniques, over a coal fire, her son Marc creates hand forged garden stakes to compliment the garden spinners.  Attention to detail in both the garden spinners and the iron work make these pieces a treasure for the garden.
    Many other one-of-a-kind pieces and decorative seasonal items round out the collection.

Firing Time- Melanie Horner
    Melanie has been playing with clay since childhood, at age 5, she wrote to Santa Claus asking for a potters’ wheel! Her passion for working on a wheel developed at age 12 and although she decided to pursue a career in nursing, her interest in pottery never waned. Melanie has attended various night school classes over the years. In 2001, she started making children’s hand and feet impressions in clay. There’s a huge satisfaction from capturing that special moment in a child’s life and making it last forever! She also developed an interest in making clocks, many of which were given as wedding presents to friends and family.
   Firing Time was established in 2012 when Melanie decided to pursue her passion for pottery. Her emphasis is on creating personalised pottery for children, particularly clocks and impressions. She has great fun creating funky clock designs and loves to bring out a smile in people!  Fun-loving adults and businesses are not excluded either!
   Firing Time is hosting children’s pottery workshops in Cobourg and hopes to inspire children to explore their creativity using this ancient craft.
Melanie is a member of Northumberland Potters Association and her work can be found in Gift of Art Gallery in Newcastle, Urban Loft and 66 King East, both in Cobourg.

Freckle Face Jewellery- Angie Henderson
I grew up being called Freckle Face which at the time felt like a negative thing.  Over the years I have grown to love the uniqueness and beauty of each Freckle!   I want every woman to see their uniqueness and beauty and I hope that Freckle Face inspires that feeling in women.

My work is an extension of who I am. I am inspired by current fashion trends but try to take those trends from something that would only be worn on the runway to something that can be worn in everyday life and enjoyed for seasons to come.  I appreciate and am influenced by a variety of fashion styles and that results in a variety for my customers and something for everyone. 

I absolutely love finding new fresh pieces to work with and trying out various designs.   There is a feeling that comes for me when I know a piece is how it should be.  It looks right, feels right and I feel “full”.  Full of happy, pride and excitement to share my creation with women.  My intention is always to provide women with jewellery that inspires them to feel confident and gives them the opportunity to express who they are.

I love to work with a variety of materials.  I adore colored metals including antique brass, silver and copper and love mixing them together in my designs. I work with whatever materials inspire me.

In March 2016 I left my job of 21 years in the corporate world to live my dream.  I have found my calling.  I love what I do and feel privileged to have the opportunity to do what I love!

Gillian Smith-Clark-
     Gillian is an accomplished photographic artist who specializes in creating exceptional images. Her portraits are recognizable by their unique blend freshness and warmth, combined with a freedom of pose that embodies the natural surroundings of her subjects. Nature and wildlife have beeen life-long interests for Gillian and her love of animals and the natural world is clearly evident in her work.  

Her photography career began in 1994 while engaged as the editor of Show Trail magazine, one of the top five most read equestrian magazines in Canada. Her photographs frequently graced the magazine cover and appeared in other equine publications, brochures and educational materials. Her work at Show Trail enabled her to continue her technical education while acquiring a broad range of photographic experience. She studied the art and craft of photography with local Saskatchewan photographers and completed her studies at the New York Institute of Photography.

With marriage in 1999 to husband Dale, Gillian pursued a full time photography career in the United States. Imagine Photography opened in 1999 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, offering portraiture, wedding and commercial services. Gillian quickly built a reputation for innovation, excellence in design and imagery, and personalized customer service. Husband Dale's work subsequently moved the couple around the globe and Gillian's career and camera traveled with them: from Leek, England, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to the Baltic country of Estonia, then back to Chicago, Illinois and Chestertown, Maryland, finally arriving back in Canada to a new home in Cobourg, Ontario. 

In 2004, following the birth or her first child, Gillian continued to work and offer limited location portrait services as well as occasional workshops and a one person show of her work in the Chestertown area. She published a full colour Children's book in 2005 with Teddy’s Girl: A Tail of Two Babies receiving attention from the Collie Club of America, resulting in a commission for her to provide images for their national Website. 

 A Modern Portrait is Gillian's newest venture, specializing in location portraits, fine art prints and custom photo books as well as a broad range of photographic and design services.Visit her online at: or call 905.375.6441 for more information.

Gerry Johnston
My name is Gerry Johnston and I have been custom picture framing for 25 years. many of my clients are also artists, who, over the years gave me the confidence to start creating my own art. My paintings include portraits in oil, landscapes and wildlife in acrylic and now abstract in mixed media.

I enjoy helping people achieve their desired effects with my framing experience.

Glamour Junkie Jewellery, Connie Yrjola 
Connie Yrjola has always been inspired by art and fashion.

It all began when, as a little girl, Connie was fascinated by the variety of jewellery her aunt had in her jewellery box.  It was mesmerizing; taunting her to try it on whenever she came to visit.   This sparked Connie’s creativity and, in Grade 6, she began her first collection of colourful flower rings twisted from telephone wire.

From that point on, Connie continued to fuel her artistic passion, taking a variety of visual arts courses but always found herself lured back to jewellery. After a great career in the marketing communications industry, that spark ultimately led her to officially launch her own company – Glamour Junkie – designing jewellery and fashion accessories, “styled with a twist!”

Connie combines her keen sense of style, with current fashion and jewellery trends, to create her original jewellery designs.  Not one to shy away from innovation, and to blend art with fashion, Connie created the ‘Original Ribbon Scarf’  as an alternative to traditional jewellery.  Using beautiful fibres and gorgeous, eye-popping colour combinations, ribbon scarves hold their own not only as an enticing accessory but an original work of art.

A true craftsman, Connie’s attention to detail can be seen in each piece she perfects with her own hands and her creations can be found across Canada in galleries and boutiques to rave reviews.Please click here to view Connie's website.

Guy Latulippe
    Creating in the spirit of couture, GUY LATULIPPE designs bags that are functional, wearable and gorgeous. With sewing and pattern drafting experience spanning over two decades, Guy coined the term 'garment engineering' once his skills had surpassed the title of fashion designer. Studying Fashion Technique & Design at Sheridan College, Guy's professional experience began with illustration and special effects costuming where sewn oddities and improbabilities were the order of the day. When a wise and talented friend remarked on the fact that bags transcend size and shape of body a new course was set. Inspired by mythology, super-heroes, music, mechanical systems and the wonders of the natural world, Guy presents bags as artisanal pieces that are part of a collection. The bags are to be considered part of the wearer's armor, elevating one's sense of confidence. Please click here to view Guy's website.

indigo design and works- Barry & Sharon Lawrence
    In 2000, I began working with metal, cold bending and welding new and recycled pieces into garden sculptures.  Taking this to another level, I enrolled in numerous blacksmith workshops and began working with hot metal at a forge.
    At this time I am adding another dimension to my work with fused and slumped glass.  My wife Sharon contributes as well, as we both create unique and functional art pieces for the home. We still do wrought iron work and are capable of doing restoration or reproduction of vintage decorative iron. In 2008 I began work full time in artist blacksmith.
Proud Members of:
ABANA - Thirty years ago, the ARTIST-BLACKSMITH'S ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA, Inc. began with only twenty blacksmiths who had a vision. Their vision has unfolded with a membership that has grown to over 4,500 strong.The resurgence of the "lost" art of blacksmithing is unmistakably evident.
OABA - The ONTARIO ARTIST BLACKSMITH ASSOCIATION was established in 1982 to:promote blacksmithing as a high quality, creative craft and affordable art form which has a growing place in modern society.
P.R.A.C. - The PINERIDGE ARTS Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community by developing widespread appreciation,support and involvement in the arts. Please click here to view Barry and Sharon's website.

Inspired Soap Works-Laura Miller
    "All of my life I have had a passion for Nature and Natural products.  I am lucky to have this opportunity to Develop, Market and Share the benefits of using products that are not only biodegradable; which is good for our environment but Fantastic for our Bodies!"….Laura
Our passion is to provide our customers with Natural products that will help inspire your day; whether you are just beginning your day or winding down from a stress filled day... choose a scent that fits your inspiration. "Scent and colour can have positive impacts on our daily lives."
We have consciously used only Essential oils to scent our Artisan-Traditionally made soaps.  We allow our Handmade Artisan Soaps to cure for at least 6 weeks before wrapping and selling.  Our Funky Bar soaps and Loofah Slices may have a combination of Fragrance, Essential oils and botanicals. Natural the difference! Please click here to go to Laura's website.

Isa Te's Designs- Ingrid Tiffe
    Ingrid Tiffe has found her niche in life since moving to a historical red brick house in beautiful Napanee. She shares her space with partner Darren, daughter Isadora and her dogs Bratwurst and Kafka. Ingrid has a background in fashion and natural therapies, both these affect her daily life. She tries to live her life in an environmentally conscious way, thus her fondness for using previously enjoyed items in her artwork.
    On A More Personal Note:
Presently I am kept busy chasing after a little girl. Her approach to life and the discoveries she makes everyday have affected many aspects of my own life. I find I am using brighter colours more often and much of my work is on a smaller scale. Smaller things are easier to quickly get out of the reach of little fingers. Most days I enjoy being a mother but not always. My love of fabrics, textures and finding new uses for things are still a large part of my art. Maybe someday that elusive magic talent of focusing on one thing will be mine. Right now I am using acrylics, inks, fabrics, beads & bijoux, lots of handstitching, packaging (such as coffee bags, candy bags, goldfish cracker bags etc) in my work. I am making little dents in my stashes of goodies that have been collected. The tendency to collect shiny things still prevails. IsaTe’s Designs is the moniker of my creations. It is a play on my name and my daughter’s.  This line of altered haute coutre, household items and toys for young and old are fun and functional, repurposed and recycled. Frayed Around The Edges is the name of the retail space I share with a friend located in Downtown Napanee. Our credo is Buy Local, Buy Handmade or Learn to Create. Everything is created by us excluding the variety of supplies we carry. Please click here to view Ingrid's website.

itsie's bitsies- Nadia Lebar Boctor
    We all hand-make and create things when we are children. Some of us stop and some of us don't. I've always had that creative urge, but it mostly took the form of piano, ballet and writing... no physical material to manipulate into a finished physical product. One day an antique sewing machine entered my life, and memories came flooding back of my mother and grandmother sewing all the time, and the spark was lit. Back to the art of craft!
    My name is Nadia  Lebar Boctor. I live in Toronto, with summers at Rice Lake in Northumberland County, with my husband and three boys. Never a dull moment, so I have to steal time to create. I am happiest when I'm sewing or creating a new resin piece. I'm a texture and colour junkie- so playing with those elements is like being in a candy store!  Itsy and her bitsies were inspired from my antique set of  matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls), and a lot of my pieces have a matryoshka theme. I opened my etsy store, itsie's bitsies, ( in December 2008, and look forward to having the time this year to really get it up and running. Please click here to view Nadia's website.

jackson creek press- Jeffrey  Macklin
    I’ve always been interested in type and design. From an early age, being a graphic designer seemed to be a foregone conclusion. In 1990, that dream became a reality when I graduated from Sheridan College, in Oakville, Ontario. Armed with a strong background in colour,  typography and layout,  i’ve held a number of positions in the design field since. In 2005, thanks to some great friends, I found myself laying claim to an antique Chandler & Price platen press, saving it from the metal scrap bin. Jackson Creek Press was born. Now, I have a creative outlet which does not involve Photoshop layers, print-ready pdf’s or the delete key...ahhh! Please click here to view Jeffrey's website.

Jeanetteka Art Glass Jewels - Jeanette Bartosik
   The alchemy of lampworking glass beads is my primary focus, where skillfully crafted lampwork beads affirm an attention to detail. My secondary focus is jewellery design. This sustainable material combined with.925 high-polished sterling silver, pearls, or other semi-precious stones create regal, feminine and timeless jewellery designs.
     New for this year is a signature cane(G NET KA, an abbreviation for Jeanetteka) after attending the Corning Studio in NY. It is a form of millefiori glass where a slice of this cane is included inside some of the larger or complex pieces, and in a new design called "Ocean Flats" which are larger one-of-a-kind  focal pendants. Please click here to view Jeanette's website.

Jessica Wheeler- The Feel Collection
    The FEEL Collection is about collecting pre-loved and/or discarded items, breathing new life into them through an emotional and physical process of "feeling" as an artist, and allowing others the opportunity to create their own "collection" of original pieces, drawing on their own emotional or physical feeling toward the work. Each piece is unique, though some aspects may be replicated depending on personal flow and resources at any given time.
    Upcycling/recycling what others see as “waste”, redesigning pre-loved and vintage jewellery/clothing, and adding natural elements are typical steps in the creative process.
    The FEEL Collection operates out of Brighton, ON Canada.  The designer is supported and inspired by family and the natural environment. Allowing others to see the beauty in the discarded is one way to bring awareness to the amount of waste generated by people and to encourage discussion about how to reduce this and live simpler!

Jocelyn Jones
  Jocelyn’s interest in pen and ink designs began when she attended a learning session about Zentangle art.  She began her artistic career as a painter working in oil, acrylic and watercolour mediums and is now focussed on creating unique designs in ink.  Her current creations include a wide range of framable art and notecards, including seasonal pieces.  Jocelyn specializes in custom orders and designs and she would be happy to discuss your ideas with you.  She can be contacted by email at

June Anne Johnston, Handweaver & Spinner
  I began my fibre journey while living in Vancouver where I learned how to spin, weave and dye – a very basic start to what would become a passion! Over the years I’ve taken many courses and workshops to refine my skills and now concentrate on creating useful textiles that evoke a sense of beauty as well as function. My studio is in my home in Wellington where I also teach weaving from time to time.  Three careers included copy writing, then museum programming and now full-time weaving with some time left over to hand spin yarn. I’m able to enjoy my creative life to the fullest at my ‘own speed’.

Keri Rounding
   Keri Rounding is a graduate of Sheridan Institute's Textile design and has been exhibiting her work in and around the Toronto area since 2008.Keri has sold her wok at such shows as the One of a Kind Show, Queen West Crawl, and Cabbagetown. She uses handmade felt, embroidery and metals in combination to create one of a kind pieces. Keri uses the sewing machine as drawing tool, using abstract imagery and shapes found in nature. Each piece she makes has its own personality and a sense of whimsy. Keri is currently working out of her home in Brampton to create her unique jewellery and art.

L.A. Jones Jewellery- Leslie Jones
    Leslie Jones has been designing for over 25 years, having received her formal training from the University of Western Ontario in Fine Arts, and from Shaw Business College in Fashion Merchandising.
Early on in her career Leslie travelled extensively on the West Coast of Canada and found that native culture truly inspired her. This lead to her first successful collection of hand-painted pillows sewn from raw deer skins. Another medium that Ms. Jones discovered in her travels was plaster. The unique design of neo fresco; embedding 3-D objects into street scenes, then painting and finishing with deep urethane particularly fascinated her.
    When purchasing jewelry for herself, Leslie would have a design in mind, then would add to a piece or change it to suit her singular vision. Her love affair with the past and her original, personal flair for the modern developed into her unique and inspired "Things Toronto" and "Story Beads" collections. These collections represent the coming together of contemporary design elements with retro imaging. Each bead is painstakingly handmade; poured from resin into her original design moulds. These collections have been hugely successful in retail outlets in the City of Toronto. Leslie lives in the Beach area of Toronto with her daughter, son and partner. Please click here to view Leslie's website

laurajean, laurajean- Laura Fetterley    
    I am an arts and crafts kind of gal. I recently moved from Toronto to Cobourg, Ontario. I received my BFA from York University in 2003 and have been exhibiting my prints, woodwork, paintings and fabric animals since graduation. I am constantly acquiring new obsessions, most recently: typesetting, antique children’s toys, vegetable gardens, hand-made books and the relationships between tamed and wild animals. Please click here to go to Laura's website.

Les Robling Painter
   Les Robling says that he attempts to capture, on canvas, the scene's light and shade, the atmosphere and the mood of the moment. Working from direct observation, sketches and photographs, Les captures the essence of the scene he is painting with the use of a discerning eye for the subject, precise brush work, bold colours, some detail and a hint of impressionism. His work epitomizes his enjoyment of his art and his works are produced with strong colours, effective colour relationships, bold lines and an expressive feel.
   Although he has spent most of his adult life as a teacher of Geography and Geology, Les Robling has always maintained a keen interest in his art work. While living in Grey County he exhibited at the Flesherton Split Rail Festival, displayed his work with a group of Orangeville artists at Elora Mill, showed his paintings at the Markdale Artsfest and taught a beginning art course at the local night school.
   As well, he has also contributed paintings to Trinity College School's fund-raising auctions. In 2006 Les Robling was the artist of the original water colour paintings given as gifts to attendees of Cameco's 'Safety, Health and Education Conference'. More recently, Les donated a painting to the La Jeunesse fund raiser and also gave a talk on Kyffin Willliams; and his own work; to the Brighton Arts Council. Currently he exhibits his work at The Journey Through the Arts Gallery in Port Hope.
   Since moving to Port Hope in 1987, Les has been enthused about the local urban and rural landscapes, as well as with the winter snow. Consequently his paintings focus on Port Hope and the surrounding countryside. However, he is equally at home painting portraits and scenes from Wales, land of his birth and other countries that he has visited.
   A resident of Port Hope, 100 km. from Toronto, Les's paintings can be found in private collections across Canada as well as in the United States, England, Wales and Australia.
Commissions are always welcome. Visitors are invited, by phoning 905-885-4141 for an appointment, to view his home gallery. Please click here to view Les's paintings
Life In a Lens Photography- Joanna Potratz
   I offer up these pieces of my world and hope that you enjoy seeing things through my eyes. These are the whispers of life that I capture. The details I choose to not let go unnoticed. The faces that exist in a moments time. I see these bits and pieces. Where some see nothing, I see stories. A hidden poetry in the way the world moves within and on with itself. And the people that slip through. These are the things I want to share with those around me. Please click here to view Joanna's website.

 Linda Whaley Stained Glass- Linda Whaley
    I studied Design Arts over 30 years ago and have been working with glass ever since. I started with restoring church windows and today using my beach findings creating a new look to stained glass. Working in my studio, I can incorporate, sandblasting, fusing and lampworking and wire work.  One aspect which I enjoy greatly is designing my glass.
    In my new series titled “Beach Art” I am creating 3D panels using all of the above. 

Lisa Martini- Dunk - L'Immaginaria
   My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience. I love architecture, nature, as well as the beauty in colour, line and texture. I am also influenced by stories that people tell me.
   I create art to tell the stories of life. I always have felt like the observer. I describe the existence of life. How the fundamental qualities of a person or thing, can identify or capture the essential of the character. I want to show the stories of the experience of life, show the growth of human spirit and everything that effects it. I like to capture the vitality in nature – how everything is related to each other. Life and world around me inspires me every day. There are so many stories to tell.
   I use different medium to describe my images .acrylic paint,block printing and scratch board. I want my art to have a sense of a primitive state – that my thoughts are untouched by anything artificial. That this is my expression. That colour, line and texture can be as descriptive as human sensors – touch, sight & emotion.

Litsie- Susan Billinghurst
I am a retired Family Studies teacher with 3 wonderful sons and 2 wonderful grandchildren.
   My inspiration for the name of my business came from my granddaughter as Litsie is her nickname and also because I would like to encourage her to be an environmentally conscious individual.
   On going for a car ride, the first thing she asks for is her snack bag. As for my grandson, a snack bag is the perfect clean place to store a pacifier . The wetbag/diaper bag is the first place to store soiled diapers.
   I hope you enjoy these bags as much as I enjoy making them.

 Lucky Jackson- Jennifer Maynard 
    I am a self taught artist having fun trying out all my creative curiousities making a lot of mistakes and some art along the way.
    I think that good art can reflect the pursuit of happiness. I am inspired by things that make me smile and chuckle and hope that my art brings a smile and a chuckle to those who see it.
    I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Please click here to view Jennifer's website.

Lynn Cragg
Lynn is essentially a self-taught artist. She completed a one year Design Arts and has taken many workshops and studies to improve her craft. Lynn took up her paint brushes 8 years ago after a twenty year hiatus.
She grew up in Ontario farm country where she was able to work around and with farm animals and she was lucky enough to own and ride her own horses as a child and for years after.
Although her subject matter varies from abstract to landscape, her favorite pictures are those that portray animals and she especially enjoys painting horses. Animals provide and endless source of inspiration with their wonderful expressions, poses and antics.
           “It is extremely gratifying to paint the effects of lights and darks on their silky coats and feathers and                to create life and vibrancy with vivid colours. My goal is to tell a story by using movement and                      spontaneity to capture the character of a particular animal. Creating art is a continuous learning                      experience and a wonderful challenge.”
     Lynn paints in oil and acrylic for her large pieces and uses ink and watercolours for her smalls. She combines both realism and impressionism in her work.
Lynn lives in the country with her husband just outside of Baltimore, Ontario.

Mara Lusis-
    Submitting to her passion for nature-dyeing, handspinning, knitting and crocheting(with occasional forays into the weaving world), Mara uses natural fibres to design and create wearable and decorative works of fibre art. Mara holds a Fibre Arts Certificate from St Lawrence College in Kingston and is a certified teacher of the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Certificate Programme. She is the Central Region representative for the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners and has won numerous awards for her
work. She is a member of The Fibre Arts Collective, Great Pine Ridge Spinners and Weavers, Northumberland Hooks and Needles Guild, The Latvian Handicrafts Association, Northumberland Arts Council, and the Ontario Crafts Council.

Moon House Art- Katie Flindall
    Katie Flindall was born in Randolph, Vermont and raised in rural Lyons, Kansas. Growing up, Katie and her four siblings were homeschooled/unschooled on a rambling family farm and apple orchard among a menagerie of animals, plants and art. Katie spent a lot of time doodling and experimenting with watercolors as a child. Katie never went to art school, but has used the world as her classroom to hone her skills and follow her own artist way.  She has illustrated for Highlights for Children magazine, Owl Square Press and  Eating Well magazine among a few.
    She also illustrated the children’s book “Life is a Bowl of Cherry Pits”, published by Radiant Hen Publishing. Along with being a visual artist Katie is also a dance teacher. At age 15 she studied at the National Ballet School in Toronto and has since followed a second career as dance professional, teacher and choreographer.  She, her husband and son live in Cobourg, Ontario. Please click here to view Katie's website.

Norman designs- Taylor Norman Emerging Artisan
    Taylor Norman is an emerging jewellery artist from Cobourg. She currently lives and designs in Toronto where she studies Jewellery and Metal Arts at George Brown College. Though young at only 20, she has over 10 years of Jewellery experience, creating jewellery since she was a young girl of 8.
She takes her inspiration from her surroundings - whether that be the plants and animals found in abundance in her home town, or the concrete jungle she now calls home.  She creates her pieces using sterling silver, gold, precious and semi precious stones, Swarovski elements and crystals. Jewellery is this young artists true passion.  Please click here to view Taylor's site.

One Tin Drum- Jason Kozlowski
    "Jason Kozlowski is an artist who explores the deeper facets of humanity through his richly worked and beautifully painted portraits. Using oil paints as his predominant medium, he works with subjects of varying ages and backgrounds to explores both the innate strength of children and the vulnerability of adults. His intense portraits strive to capture the true essense of ones human qualites, moving beyond the superficial and drawing in the viewer with their inventive colouration and unique brushwork.  The portraits have a confrontational aspect, gazing or staring out at the viewer as they are being looked upon. 
     Jason's wife is also a talented artist and together they collaborate to create colourful origami sets to enhance the beauty of one's home or other treasured space."
    More of Jason's works can be viewed at his online shop at

Parkadilly- Sara Milley
Using galvanized steel and my two bare hands I create rustic and whimsical designs for your home and garden. Working from my home, in beautiful Cobourg, Ontario – I am always busy twisting away on my custom family trees, to my more imaginative and playful designs. Inspired by my love of nature and all things vintage, I will transform old, dirty and what some might call “junk” into restored works of art – mixing the old and the new!! Custom works of art are always welcome, and a joy to explore. Follow along on facebook, and watch as I challenge myself to create new and exciting pieces, all while living my passion to the fullest.

Peggy Mersereau
    I am a third generation maker. My grandmother was a weaver and my mother designed and created unusual sweaters. My path has been similar to my mother's as we were both in our mid-forties when we turned our love of textiles into a profession. This evolvement is part of my history, who and what I am and why working with textiles is so significant in my life.
   For the last ten years I have had a major commitment to recycling, reusing and reclaiming as much as I possibly can. Working with used silk garments and wool sweaters fills my necessity to reduce my artistsic footprint and also challenges and expands the way I use and look at materials. I try to use every bit of each garment and if there are unused bits, they are passed along to other artists for use in their creations. This undertaking is much more labour intensive than obtaining new materials, but it is very satisfying.
   My practice focuses on two distinct bodies of work, however, there is a crossover in the materials and techniques I employ. The body is central, whether  I am developing something for the body or the materials hold the memory of a body. I have developed and refined a series of atypical wearables using a variety of techniques- free machinery embroidery, hand embroidery, dyeing, screen printing and the manipulation/assemblage of materials. I make elegant pieced silk, wool and thread scarves, lace-like neck wraps and shawls. The other area of my practice concentrates on sculptural pieces made from recycled sweaters. This has been ongoing for three years and includes vessel shapes, wall pieces and most recently, contemporary jewellery.
    To view Peggy's most recent solo exhibition Sweaterbones (2009) at A.K. Collins Gallery in Port Hope, please click here.

Pipo Doll- Samantha Vanderwyst
    "Samantha Vanderwyst's unique art style borrows inspiration from the simplicity and complexity of things seen and unseen, real and magical, and create subtle narratives that hint at an underlying innocence of our experience here on this lovely planet. She uses a varied range of mediums to express her artistic vision, which includes art prints created from original, hand-drawn, painted and coloured works which are sometimes coloured digitally or embroidered on. She also creates one of a kind dolls, plush goods printed with her artwork, greeting cards, and baby outfits embellished with her designs. Samantha's husband is also an artist and together they have created a line of origami sets in different styles to enhance and decorate one's home or other cherished space."
     To glimpse more of Samantha's artistry, please visit her online shop at

Port Hope Press - Luke Despatie
    Port Hope Press is a small press in a small town run by a graphic designer who moved there from the city. Graphic designer by day, printmaker by night, Luke Despatie has made a name for himself by delivering clean, witty and creative work... without the ego. He may appear buttoned-down and serious, but a sense of whimsy and wry humour lurk beneath Luke’s reserved shell. It would be a mistake to expect a staid or stuffy approach when Luke is helping clients solve their design problems.
    After following a winding academic path from Sheridan College to Ryerson and then  Humber – studying illustration, print making, pre-press and graphic design – Luke earned a number of awards and achievements in brand identity and design work before settling in Port Hope. Where he continues to win awards and achievements. Naturally. Please click here to view Luke's website.

Posh-it designs - Sally McKay-LePage
    Sally is a multi-media artist who works and sells from her home studio in Cobourg, Ontario.  Tucked away in her small but efficient one-kiln studio Sally designs through intuition relying heavily on her formal fine art studies in drawing and painting from York University. Currently she is producing fused glasswork including jewellery, tableware, wall art and sculpture. Forever mindful of the aesthetic, Sally uses colour, form and good design to motivate her work. Please click here to view Sally's website.

Prince Edward County Fare- Naneen Keenan
    Prince Edward County Fare "Captures Summer in a Jar" by processing the wonderful bounty of locally grown fruits and vegetables available in the County. From the sweet pleasures of jam, jellies, butters and marmalade's to the rich and unique spiciness of chutneys, BBQ sauces, relishes and savory jams. We make something for everyone! To view Naneen's website please click here.

Random Pretty Things- Alana Farmer 
    Hello my name is Alana Farmer and I am a design-a-holic. I just can't get enough of creating new and fun things, using just about any material I can get my hands on. Yard sales, thrift shops, art and fabric stores all set my head spinning with ideas of what I might be able to fashion from the many treasures I find. Of course, certain items are more tempting than others. For me, bright colours, tactile fabrics and shiny things are particularly addictive. It was the latter of these that brought about the birth of Random Pretty Things. My magpie like attraction to sparkly glass, lead to a stockpile of luscious candy coloured beads. Gradually, I began teaching myself wire wrapping techniques that would let me transform this glistening collection into wearable art. As I developed my skills, my stockpile of beads quickly evolved into a stockpile of jewellery. I decided it was time to share the sparkle with the world and began selling my designs at local craft shows.
    It was at these craft shows that I first fell in love with the fabulous designer plush toys made by a few of my fellow crafters. I found myself wanting to take them all home with me, but I simply could not justify filling my smallish apartment with toys, no matter how lovable they were. And then it dawned on me that if those adorable toys could do more around the house than just making me smile there might be room for them in my life after all. I tested this theory by creating my very first monster tea cozy. He was so well loved and helpful around the house that more soon followed. It wasn't long before I began receiving requests for bags, hats and bibs in the same style. I quickly became addicted to this new line of purposeful stuffed toys and started envisioning everything around my house with eyes, ears and sometimes antenna.
     That is how Random Pretty Things became the eclectic line that you see today. It is a collection of all of the things that I found too delightful and fun not to create. I hope you enjoy them as well! Please click here to view Alana's website.
Rob Cochrane
    Rob Cochrane began his carving career back in the early 1980's. He was becoming a duck hunter at the time and developed a fascination for hand made wooden decoys. He knew several people who made their own decoys for use when they hunted and was urged on by his wife to begin carving his own. That was the start of it!
    Being a very unique style of artwork, Rob has found his niche in the artworld. His carvings have garnered winning ribbons at area carving competitions and have found homes from western Canada through to Newfoundland, the U.S. and as far afield as France.
    “I hope people enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed the creative process involed to get each piece to the finished stage. Antlers of deer, moose and caribou are artwork themselves. The process of growing these magnificent sets of headgear each and every year is, I think, one of the most amazing things in nature. To spend all that energy growing these magnificent crowns through the Spring and Summer months, only to have them drop off after the mating season has ended and Winter sets in is truely incredible. I only hope I can do justice to each piece I use for my work.”
    Robs work can be viewed by appointment at his home between Roseneath and Warkworth, Ontario or at Eclectic Mix in downtown Warkworth where several pieces are usually on display. Please contact Rob or Barb by phone (705-924-3763) if travelling to their country home so a time can be arranged for your visit.

Ruby's Cotton Candy
Ruby’s Cotton Candy Club puts a kid’s modern spin on a classic carnival treat.

The business idea was born out of Ruby's obsession with cotton candy and a desire to save up for a trip to Paris.

This 9 year old Port Hope kidpreneur and confectioner discovered that she has a flare for creating fun, inventive cotton candy flavour combinations and retains creative control in developing them. “All the flavours are fun and whacky and use local ingredients! I'm really looking forward to creating some new flavours for the holidays and participating in Make It Indie this year!”

Ruby’s Cotton Candy is made with organic cane sugar infused with local flavours, and then it's sprinkled with a whole lot of whimsy!

You can 'join' Ruby's Cotton Candy Club by following her FB page for all the latest info on her upcoming events.
To book Rubys Cotton Candy Club for your next celebration:

ShoeBabou- Manon De Gagne
    Born in Montreal, Manon De Gagné lives and works in Toronto since 1991.
After graduating from the haute couture program at Cotnoir-Capponi school in 1985, she began a career as a theatrical costume builder that has spanned over 20 years working on productions across North America. Her work has been featured in productions of Opera de Montréal, Cirque du Soleil, Mama Mia, and The Lion King, to name a few. Pursuing an interest in fine leather work, Manon came to Toronto in 1991 and started an apprenticeship in shoemaking which led to an eclectic range of experiences, from theatrical shoemaking for the Stratford Festival to cowboy boot-making in Texas.
    Shoe Babou was born in 1995 when Manon created a pair of blue suede shoes for her friend’s newborn girl, Rowan. What began as a whimsical gift has grown into a highly successful enterprise that marries meticulous design with a playful approach to children’s wear. Each piece is hand-made by Manon De Gagné. Her passion for textures, shapes and colours have found a home in Shoe Babou and continue to provide inspiration. Please click here to view Manon's website.

Sparrow Ave.- Barbara Di Lellu
     After being involved with children's book illustrations for a number of years, I began paintng. Some time later, a friend offered me the opportunity of working in her silk screen studio. Since then my work has been focused on printing items of a utilitarian nature. Sparrows have been the predominant subject of these prints and all of them have been derived from my own drawings. Please click here to view Barbara's website.

Stephanie Simpson- Shifting Daydream
   Welcome to Stephanie's shifting daydream. I am just an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world. I love making things that make people happy and that inspire creativity and fun. Sewing, knitting and embroidery are currently my crafts of choice.
   Growing up, I was inspired by the wonderful knits my grandmother would send us every year, as well as the beautiful quilts, crafts and embroideries that filled her home. With her encouragement, I taught myself to knit and haven't stopped. A few years ago I was given a sewing machine and after a little bit of practice, piles of capes flew off my table, and onto the shoulders of what I like to think of as my own little league of superheros. I love to experiment with fabric and to see what (or who) I end up with. Every project is my favorite and I am always up for trying something new.

Soapstar - Vicky Darbyshire
    Gorgeous handmade soap, bath luxuries & beauty treats inspired by feel good neighbourhoods!
Each with a beautiful 'wish you were here...' postcard of the neighbourhood behind the inspiration; all brimming with scents, sights and sounds that make you feel good. Every soap is lovingly created from scratch, in small batches using the traditional cold process method before being hand cut. Every item is a unique OOAK individual ~ free from parabens, sls, harsh detergents, petroleum & synthetic preservatives. Every one is a star. - please click here to view Vicky's website.

Tannice Goddard- Jewellery by Tannice
       Tannice has always wanted to bring the imagery in her mind into form. It has taken her from tracing comic books as a young child, to art school as a teenager where she studied sculpture, pottery, letter forms and the intricacies of line. She expanded onto the path of being a book designer in her life. Then one winter’s
evening, after a couple of years on the computer, having had very little opportunity over that course of time to do fine art, she decided she wanted to start creating something with her hands again.
Her life partner had picked up some beads the year before and had made some nice bracelets for the female members of the family. I asked if I could use what was left and play a little. That was the beginning. A few short months later woman moved into the area and taught me how to work with fine silver clay as a trade for some graphic work. The spark grew into a flame. All I wanted to do was explore the world of metal and the more traditional ways of working with it.
I took a course at George Brown College in Silversmithing and followed with courses in Jewellery. I was smitten with “metals, or the “Telluric Realm” the alternative healers would say. The Telluric Realm is often described as 2-D and the Elementals. Perhaps I am becoming multi-dimensional? I certainly am multi-disciplinary!
I love exploring with metal and there are far more images that are coming to mind than I have the ability to create at this time. I have found my way around needing to wear masks, googles, and gloves, working with stinky sulphur mixes, and using torches. I think I like the alchemy!
So please enjoy looking at what I have created and if it touches your heart enough to go home with you, you will be taking a bit of passion with you.

Wheeler's Studio - Jason Wheeler
    My name is Jason Wheeler. I currently run Wheeler's Studio from my home in Oshawa Ontario, Canada. From a unique expanding collection to creating original furniture, kitchen cabinetry, built-ins and decor for your home, not only is this my goal, it's my passion. I can work with many mediums including, wood, steel, glass, and many other material types. With a strong background in design/art and fabrication, we can work together to create a one of a kind concept that will fit your lifestyle. Weather you have a picture, maybe a sketch you have been working on, an amazing concept or you are looking for a creative mind to guide you, I can interpret this to design a truly breath taking functional creation that will inspire you and enhance your living space! Please click here to view Jason's website.

Woolly 2.0- Evelyn Haskell
     Using a treadle sewing machine, I began making dolls' clothes over fifty years ago. My obsession with fabric and handcrafts has continued, and retirement from a teaching career has allowed me time to indulge and improve my techniques and range.
   About fifteen years ago I began selling my creations ina shop in the Thousand Islands and have been selected for several juried sales
    My raw materials (wool sweaters, vintage linens, odds and ends of yarns, etc.) are all purchased at thrift stores and yard sales, so recycling is a key component of my work---challenging but  keeping the costs down. hence the name of my company, Woolly 2.0.

A few of the websites that have posted our vendor call and will advertise the show closer to the date. Thanks bloggers you rock!

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